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Video is DOMINATING Image & Text Ads

by Leaps & Bounds...…And NOW it’s YOUR turn to harness the power of video…

Have you noticed how video is 70% of ALL internet traffic today? That’s a HUGE number.
But it’s about to grow a whole lot more. Check this out…

In the next couple of years that ratio will jump to 90% . Meaning, by 2020, video will almost drive ALL internet traffic!

And if you’re not using video to push traffic to your offers, it's like choking your business.

Using anything but video traffic in the next two years will KILL
your leads, sales and profits.

It’s no secret – video is ultra-effective when it
comes to reaching a wider audience. Soak in these numbers…

For more detailes Just Look Below

45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.


Facebook receives over 4 billion video views PER DAY

YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users.

Point is, video is where your customers are spending their time & money too! But it's not with just any type of video...

… Video ads are what we’re talking about!

Android & Iphone compatible

You see, video ads are hands down the best way to supercharge

Customer engagement levels and turn shoppers into paying BUYERS!

People who watch your video ads are almost 300% more likely to buy from you.


A 300% increase in conversions just by using video ads!

That’s why all the top marketer's and mega companies all now use video ads.

And the businesses that use video effectively are KILLING IT.

Attention - Videos are the one difference between local businesses that produce killer results…

…and those who aren't
will be losing customers in their own community.

 video ads are so irresistible

Your customers will be engaged and intrigue.

It’s your new ‘secret weapon’ designed to help you get
all the attention in the your local area…


100% Money Back Guarantee
here’s my promise to you (and it’s a big one).

F. A . Q's Section

Are there any limitations?

No - You can use this video anywhere. There’s also no watermarks so you will have your own logo, branding, colors and text on the video. All videos are Full HD, so you’re not limited by quality either. I guess we should call it Local Video Unlimited.

Do the video work on a Mac?

Yes it does! All videos works not just on your Mac, but on your smartphone, your tablet, your Linux installation and your Chromebook too. That’s because all that is needed is a standard mp4 player. (Will not work using Quicktime). This video we lives in the cloud on our private server, which means all you need to do is connect to a web-browser and download it.

Is there any guarantee?

Of course – if you’re not happy with with your Local Video, we don’t want your money. You get 30 days to try out the video markerting. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll send you a refund.

Is there any video ads training included?

No Training! All videos works not just on your Mac, but on your smartphone, your tablet, your Linux installation and your Chromebook too. That’s because all that is needed is a standard mp4 player. We are use a free video platform to host the video for you ads to be seen publicly. (note) Video Marketing is an addon service and is an upgrade to the video alone intro.

We want to create something that does more than just look nice on a page. What is the creative stories of the future in your local business going to look like?

How long do videos take ?

Good Question-It depends on when you order, and how the picture quality you submit might like to use with our services at the time of confirmation. But they’re usually done in anywhere from 3-5 business days to a couple of days.

What Do I need to do ?

We need HD pictures! All videos works on a video platforms and HD is the best quality. We schedule a day with you to take picture and a our tools to upload the video for you ads to be seen publicly. (note) Video Marketing Ads campaign will need to run for 30 days and in order see the results with the video alone.

Are there videos that cannot be produced?

No but- We will not produce adult type private content on any level when you order. If your submitted content is not for general viewing photos using our services we at our discretion can refuse services at the time of confirmation. If there are legal conflicts that are determined after a video is published using your supplied video or pictures, it will be the owner of the purchased video order to comply with actions. If there are needed changes to produced video they can easy be altered to original video just not if the video is published to the public and gets recorded.